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I have been tasked with adding a 'Sign up with Shopify' button to a site that provides companies the opportunity to book physical retail space (this is outside Shopify, but has many Shopify using  customers).

It seems the best way to classify this is as an unlisted public app. However, at the moment, trying to get this 'app' approved feels like fitting a square peg into a round hole, things don't seem to be lining up, the reviewers don't seem to be able to understand. Currently, the app offers nothing but a quicker sign up, but in the future we do intend to use their data to help the users make decisions on our dashboard.

From the point of view of approaching this from outside the Shopify ecosystem, this seems like a very normal thing to want to add, Google and Facebook also have these sign ons. However, I have never seen anything similar on either the Shopify app store or in the wild which is similar to this.

I was hoping if anyone who had any experience trying to get a similar 'app' accepted could offer advice, or let me know if Shopify would ever accept such an app?