Smart Collection Create Error

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I'm a little baffled to the following error and I don't understand what is the issue.


I'm trying the following code in the dev console:


  url: '/admin/api/2019-07/smart_collections.json',
  type: 'POST',
  dataType: 'JSON',
  data: {
    "smart_collection": {
      "title": "IPods",
      "rules": [
          "column": "title",
          "relation": "starts_with",
          "condition": "iPod"
.done(data => {
  console.log("success", data);
}).error(data => {

But I get an error:

{"errors":{"rules":"expected Hash to be a Array"}}

I'm not blind but the rules are array so I don't know what the heck is his problem.


The Form Data that is submitted is:

smart_collection[title]: IPods
smart_collection[rules][0][column]: title
smart_collection[rules][0][relation]: starts_with
smart_collection[rules][0][condition]: iPod

Which seems OK.


The example is taken from here:[version]=2019-07#create-2019-...


I tried to stringify the object but then the whole data is not ok then.


Can someone give some insight since I don't know what to try anymore?


PS: As I mentioned the code is pasted in the chrome dev tools, it's not separate APP, so there is no need for Access Token or something else.

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Hey @ikolarov , 


I wanted to take a moment to recommend against making API calls from a storefront, it's insecure and not something we really support or encourage doing. 


With regards to the call you were having issues with though, I copy and pasted your API call and sent it with an HTTP client called Insomnia and it worked fine. So I don't think it's the body of the API call itself causing the problem. Would you be interested in giving Insomnia or Postman a try to send these calls? I think you'd have a much easier time. 

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Hi @Josh 


I'm was creating a script for a client where I needed to clone a lot of collections, so I'm using the dev console like I mentioned, not the storefront. This was one time script that loops all collections and clone them with additional data attached to them.


It's easier to create a script for the console instead of a full blown app that will be used for a simple script one time. I'm just showing the problem part in the question and not the whole code maybe that's why it was confusing.


This script is the same as a bookmarklet but instead it's pasted in the console.


Postman will work for a single request but not for a whole script, the same applies for Insomniac.


Just to clarify again I'm going to my Admin Dashboard, I open my Chrome Dev Console and I paste the scrip there: 



Let me know if it's not clear.