Sold Out Issue

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Hi there,

We are currently experiencing a technical issue on our website that is affecting the customer experience and our ability to fulfill orders that are not available. Specifically, we have three fulfillment locations with different amount of products in each. A few of our products have sold out of one location, however customers are still able to purchase even when the back end of Shopify states that it will be displayed as “sold out” when they can actually purchase the product. 

Is anyone else experiencing this issue and if so do you have any recommendations for how to resolve this? We are thinking we will need to have a developer review the current code to see if this needs to be adjusted so we can ensure that when a product at a certain location is displayed as “Sold Out” it will also not allow the customer to proceed with the purchase.

Hopefully this makes sense. Any help or suggestions with who I can speak with about resolving this issue is greatly appreciated!