Split Order Payments With App Users

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Hey everyone! I've been looking all over the docs for an answer to this, and I haven't found one!

I'm developing a Shopify dropshipping app which will allow users to sell products from my site on their store. When they sell one of my products, they will need to pay me a certain agreed upon percentage in order for it to ship to the customer, for example, 50%. Is there any API mechanism that will allow me to set that up automatically with Shopify Payments?

I've developed apps with Stripe before, and I know that they allow you to charge the customer, split the payment / take an application fee. Since Shopify Payments is a wrapper for Stripe, I wondered if there was a similar option available to Shopify app developers building dropshipping platforms?

I realize I could just set this up with Stripe externally and have it happen manually, but then there will be 2 sets of transaction fees, once when Shopify Payments takes the fee, and once when the store 'buys' the product from me through Stripe, so that option kind of sucks!

Any information appreciated! I really doubt I'm the first person to want this :D


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hey @Patrick_Kelly2, did you ever get this question resolved?


Im looking to build out split payment experience and curious if you went further with this?