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I want to split each item into a separate order after checkout. Can anyone explain how it can be done? May by with checkout API.



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Hi @vikasranjan 


Can you provide more details on what you are looking to achieve? Is this on all orders? conditional? Just to edit? For shipping? etc. 

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@vix I am not sure about the original poster but I need to do the same based on fulfillment location (we have our OOS items go to backorder warehouses). 


This allows us a hack to split ship orders by doing the following. 


-In stock items go to our normal warehouse with inventory. 

-OOS items go to a backorder warehouse for that product/SKU

-When OOS items are replenished we have to manually move each order to be fulfilled by our regular warehouse 

-The warehouse team then has to manually pull eeach of those orders in for fulfillment again because the system already saw order number ### has been fulfilled (by the original instock items). 


Ideally we'd have a system that could parse all orders based on availability (I am OK with that logic manual if needed) into separate warehouses so everything can flow through to our normal warehouse and be fulfilled when in stock. 



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I'd love to know also if you ever get an answer.