Store not creating FulfillmentOrders

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We are implementing a new store with multi location enabled.  These are all locations created in shopify, not fulfillment services.  Some items are only available in some locations.  This page says 

The fulfillment lifecycle

When an order is placed in Shopify, the line items are divided into groups of line items based on their location. Each group is referred to as a fulfillment order. These fulfillment orders are then assigned to a location based on the fulfillment priority. A location in Shopify can refer to either a merchant-managed location (a location created in the Shopify admin) or a third-party fulfillment location (a location that’s created when a fulfillment service is registered on that shop).

But it does not seem to be creating any fulfillmentOrder objects at all, even for orders that contain a single product that could have been fulfilled from the default location.  Is there something else required to get shopify to generate the fulfillmentOrders as expected?  

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I also have this question! Would love for someone to advise!