Store transfer disabled banner is driving me insane!

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I am developing an app, and the shopify yellow "Store transfer disabled" banner is driving me insane. It cannot be dismissed permanently, it re-appears anytime the page refreshes. It covers part of the application, if you have components/links rendering behind the banner - you cannot access them.

Shopify shows "Store transfer disabled" on the sidebar, and it shows it DIRECTLY beside it in the main area.

What am I doing wrong? I am assuming most app developers are testing their application in development on a test shop created through the partner dashboard. In ALL normal use cases, these shops will have the app being developed installed. So this totally useless banner shows up, never goes away, gets in the way.. and shopify support are entirely missing the point.

Since I am new to being on the outside of Shopify, what is the best way for partners to request and see change in the platform?


Hoping others feel the same, or maybe have some advice. 

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I agree with this 100%. It did not used to show but it does now and is quite annoying. Luckily it is not directly in the way for me but still a nuisance. Unfortunately I believe that you are correct that there is no way to permanently disable this. As far as getting in contact with a Shopify staff member in hopes of getting this changed.... I hate to be this cynical but good luck. I have always had a near impossible time getting anyone to respond about any topic that I have brought to their attention. I have noticed this community overall begin to be more active and some of that increased activity is from Shopify staff members so hopefully this changes soon.

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This annoyed me enough to make a chrome extension to hide the message. Feel free to download and use it. The source code is just a few lines if you want to check for safety first.

Install instructions: 

  1. Unzip the folder
  2. Go to chrome://extensions
  3. Drag extracted folder into that extensions window
  4. Refresh your app page - "Store transfer disabled" yellow banner should now be hidden