Storefront API integration and checkout complete with Stripe payment

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We have followed step by step integration for storefront API integration and checkout complete with Stripe payment token from instruction available under here:

This description does not explain how to complete two of the required steps:
1. "To get access, provide Shopify with your Stripe platform account ID. You can query for this ID using the Stripe API."
We do have Stripe, Shopify payments, connect integration, but there is no information how to provide Shopify with our Stripe platform account id.

2. "To complete the checkout using the checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV2 mutation, you need to have the write_checkouts_payments scope enabled for your app. This scope is enabled by requesting payment processing"
Since we are using private app with no intention to launch it to Shopify app store, it is already listed as sales channel in our store and there is not a way to request payment processing as well as specify "write_checkouts_payments scope" for this private app.

How to complete those two steps that are missing any explanation?

We are using this private app to sell products inside our ios app, so the process is as follows:
* show custom product view to end user and show apple pay button
* when apple pay is initiated, we collect shipping address, update checkout with required information and acquire stripe payment token from
* we then send acquired payment token to Shopify through checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV2 mutation with required information. This method returns payment id and seems to succeed, but creates abandoned checkout instead of completed order, so it seems that Shopify is unable to process payment token and it most likely are some missing settings that are undocumented


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Hi @Monetizr 


At this time, in order to access payment processing permissions, you will need to request this. Here is a link:


1. The Stripe ID will need to be provided to Shopify during the process outlined in the doc I have linked above. When you request payment processing you will be in contact with our team and if accepted, they will ask you for this information. I read through your question however and see that you are using Apple Pay. Are you building this app with the Storefront API or utilizing one of our mobile SDK's such as the IOS SDK? A lot of this functionality is built into the SDK here:


2. I will send you a message to talk through the permissions with your private app. 

Vix | Developer Support @ Shopify
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It looks like this thread does have something similar:

* Private sales channel application with storefront api and necessity to complete checkout with tokenized payment through that application