Strategy: How should I best use Shopify for a custom frontend?

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I am looking for some advice from developers, who have integrated Shopify into existing sites.


Currently, I am building a business/site, where the users customize their products in somewhat advanced editors (that I develop). I want to be 100% in control of the code on that site, to be able to deliver the perfect editor experience. Then when it comes time to check out, pay etc, I would like to rely on Shopify from there, since it works so well.


So I will have two sites:

- Main Site (

- Shopify Shop (


My suggestion (without much Shopify knowledge):

- Create shopify shop

- Add a product "Gizmo 1, customized" with price, weight, a standard product photo

- In the editor on my main site, put a "buy" button, that puts a "Gizmo 1, customized" in the shopping basket and redirects the user to the checkout process



- Does this suggested solution sound like the right approach?

- Should I use the js sdk for buy button, or am I better served doing something serverside with another API?


My background: 

I am an experienced software developer and I have built a couple of lightly customized Shopify shops over the years, and also done a little bit of integration with the Admin API. My platform is C#/Asp.Net Core.



- No, I do not want to build everytning on in Shopify, even if you can customize it using liquid etc etc.

- Yes I am aware apps exist that let you customize products, but they don't fit my use-case.

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Hi @KlausJ ,


To answer your questions.


1) Yes, that is definitely a very solid approach and it is one that many other Shopify merchants use


2) Using the JS Buy SDK or the Shopify BuyButton.js library are definitely very solid approaches to use if you want to have more customization and control over what the out-of-the-box "Buy Button" provides. However if you want the most control and customization over how your custom Shopify storefront/front-end will work, I'd suggest looking into the Storefront API ( Both the JS Buy SDK and BuyButton.js library are built ontop of the Storefront API, and it gives you full control over how you want your custom frontend to look and operate. However one thing to note is that no matter which of these approaches you use, they will all still have to utilize the Shopify Web Checkout process.



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