Submit app for listing without integrating billing API

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Hi we developed an app to sync customer contacts to our system(such as email, name etc..).
we are not charging the customer for using the app, but only for number of mails they are sending.

As we have no client using shopify right now and we have plenty of new feature to release, we cannot spent too much time on the shopify app development.

even if we want to integrate the billing API if we try to implement it it will take more than 2-3 months to develop and test due to changing in a module which is currently bug free and stable.

it will need deep testing as it is related to billing and plans,our management won't be happy about this process.

so we need permission to continue without integrating the billing API please help me about this.

I contacted partner support but they are not able to help and suggested to make a post on the community.

Hope anyone can help me(I see a lot of application without integrating billing API in the app store).