Subscribe an app to webhooks, so it takes affect for all subscribed shops?

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Shopify's webhook docs says that it is possible to subscribe to webhooks, either through the admin interface, or through the API.


However, it is not clear to me what options I have when I want to subscribe my app to webhooks. I want to subscribe, and then have it take affect for all shops that installs to my app.


If that is possible, I would like to know how. Through the interface at, or through the REST API (I don't use GraphQL)?


This is an accepted solution.

Hi @MrAnderson 


When you register a webhooks, you need to pass it an access token you obtained before.

As a result, the webhooks is registered for just the shop that the access token belongs to.


For example, if you want to register "app/uninstalled", so you know a store uninstalled your app.

You would need to register this for every shop that installed your app.