Suggestion on Scopes - Fulfillment

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There is a concept in Shopify of Fulfillment. Orders get fulfilled.

In API world, there is the concept of adding a Fulfillment Service to a store, so that the merchant can assign inventory to that service. That service is a location, and well, that is interesting.

But in trying to see if my App had installed the needed Fulfillment Service in the store, I realized quickly I had no permission to read the FulfillmentService listing. I got a 403. Quel Horreur.

So I checked and sure enough the scope to access Fulfillment Services is: read_fulfillments, write_fulfillments.

My suggestion is you make this a little more specific and detailed. If you are going to make us jump through 281 hoops to scope out what our code can and cannot do via API calls, making the actual scopes more informative and accurate is a good idea. So moving forward, why not have two scopes with better names:

read_fulfillment_services, write_fulfillment_services


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