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Hello, i am having a hard time choosing suitable app type for my application.


I want to use shopify api from my website and allow users to connect their shopify shop and view orders and statistics.

The problem with public app i am facing is that its getting rejected reason being that it "can not ask users for their shopify shop url" but in order to make a shopify api request the url is required in order to fetch data of a shop. So how can i allow users to connect their shops without using shopify app store and by using api only without url if possible.


Private and custom apps have limits on shops connected therefore not helpful since i don't have a limit on my website, any amount of shops can be linked.


Any help will be appreciated.



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey @AQ7 ,


If your app is being installed by merchant's through the Shopify App Store, then you would have not need to ask merchant's for their store name. When merchant's click on the Install URL of you app, Shopify will automatically add the shoptimestamp, and hmac query parameters to the Install URL. So for example, if your app's install URL is "", when merchants click on this link through the Shopify App Store then Shopify will automatically add the query parameters so it'll become "{blah}&timestamp={blah}&hmac={blah}"


Only if your install URL doesn’t originate from the Shopify App Store (i.e. you are not a public app), then you would need to implement other handling to get the user’s shop.



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