Supplementary fulfillment service app

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Hello everyone, we are trying to build a fulfillment service for same day delivery and I am responsible for developing an Shopify app for that. The fulfillment service we are planning to build is not something that can handle all orders from merchant, it is more like a supplementary service. Additionally, buyer needs to choose delivery with us on the checkout page. So basically, when buyer shops

1) App would need to surface us on the checkout page as shipping provider if the order can be delivered with us (conditions like all items in cart exists in our warehouse, delivery zone is within our network, etc)

2) Assign order to our service / Send order to our system if buyer chooses our service (automatic assignment as soon as order is placed since our service is time sensitive for delivering promise)

3) Do not block product fulfillment by other providers (I know that merchants can specify certain products to be only delivered by given fulfillment provider, we do not want that)

I have been looking into Shopify Admin API and trying to figure out if it is possible to build sth like that and if yes how, but documentation is a bit confusing. Can you guys help me out with this? Is it possible, if yes which endpoints would be helpful? where would be the best place to start? Because the examples I have seen so far is generally for handling either all orders for merchant, all handling all orders for a given product, or merchant manually sending orders over to fulfillment service provider and all these scenarios are not applicable to us.

Sorry if the post is against community guidelines.

Thanks in advance!