Tax Changes for Canadian Shopify Partners

Shopify Partner
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Due to the recent update from Shopify I am attempting to follow their instructions and fill out the joint election form listed in and send it to Shopify( for completion.

I have filled it out to the best of my ability, however I need more information from Shopify and need Shopify to complete their section for this to be completed.  For example, the form needs the following info from Shopify which I don't have


- Legal Name of Agent. This would be Shopify’s legal name as they are registered in Canada

- Business Number of Agent. This would be Shopify’s business number in Canada.

- Effective Date. This would be the date when Shopify will begin remitting GST instead of sending it directly to us as partners.

- Name/Telephone/Title/Signature Should be filled out by Shopify.


I have contacted about this and got two different replies saying Shopify could not help with tax info, however Shopify is the one requesting me to fill out this form so they can file as an agent on my behalf.  Please update the documentation to include the needed info and update the email we need to send this to so that it goes to someone who can help us complete this.