Testing a new app that shows Shopify Sales Data. How can we test sales data?

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My name is Guri Singh and we are creating a new app that takes sales data from many platforms and aggregates it on one place. 

When I go to connect a live store (my ecommerce store gosikh), I get a good error, the app is not approved.  So, now I know Shopify has gateways and processes to approve an app.  We plan to approve the app. 

I need your help in the following areas:

1. We have an app that is coded but needs to test shopify sales data.  How can I test shopify store? 

2. Can I create a test store with test items and set the item to sold?  

3. Open to other testing options. 


Ideally test would be to test sales data from a live store, but I know we cannot do that.  Happy to create a mock up store to test this. 

This is our first app and we are boot strapping this project, so I greatly appreciate any help you can provide. 

Much thanks