The real Response to fetch_tracking_numbers.json is?

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The documentation tells us this is the formatting for a response to a call from Shopify to that endpoint:

{ "tracking_numbers": {
    "#1001.1": "qwerty",
    "#1002.1": "asdfg",
    "#1003.2": "zxcvb"
"message": "Successfully received the tracking numbers",
"success": true

Can anyone explain the reality here? What is the message attribute for? Who reads that message? What should it be and why? What is the success flag for? What if I set that flag to false? Who cares?

Would someone from Shopify please inform the rest of us out there in the world developing for Shopify what this all means? Can we not just return some order names with a tracking number and be done? Also, what happens if we have the tracking company too, and you need that? Your internal mapping of tracking numbers often fails without the tracking company, but here you completely disregard it. What is up with that?


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