Theme snippets can't be rendered when "the associated app was uninstalled", even after reinstall

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Some contexts first:

  • It seems Shopify is rolling out a new cool feature that blocks theme files from being rendered/included when the files are created by an app that has been uninstalled.
  • The blocked files apparently still exist in Theme Editor but are rendered as a HTML comment "<!-- “snippets/xxx.liquid” was not rendered, the associated app was uninstalled -->"
  • This is a great feature for merchants by cleaning up (performance wise) theme files left over by an uninstalled app. So thanks Shopify team!
  • This feature seems available for some apps only, but not all, at the moment. In case Shopify team needs to check, IDs of our apps that have this feature: 2883913 and 1802071

However, we found a few issues with the change:

  1. Even when the shop reinstalls the app, the blocked files are still blocked. We find this is not very ideal because it would make the app almost unusable when shops reinstall it, unless the app creates new duplicated files on every reinstalls (which would be even less ideal). It would be nice if the files are unblocked when the app is reinstalled.
  2. Shop owner apparently cannot override this blocking behavior, by deleting and recreating the files. So it's like shop owner is never able to use the files (or files with those names) again. 
  3. A less common case is when multiple apps use the same files created by the uninstalled app. When so, those multiple apps will be affected. It's probably the intended behavior though, we are unsure. 
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Community Manager
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Thanks for your feedback @LinhD!
I know you have been in touch with a colleague of mine but I wanted to pass this along for others that might be viewing this topic.

To workaround this situation when using a dev organization is to install an app from your real organization where you have published an app already.

For you specifically @LinhD installing any of your published apps here will help resolve this issue.

I hope this helps and thanks again for your feedback! 

TyW | Online Community Manager @ Shopify 
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