Themes list using GraphQL

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I'm writing an embedded app and I need it to display a list of themes for the user. Once the user has selected a theme I then want to add some assets to that theme. I want to move away from REST to using GraphQL.


The endpoint for REST is...


Is this query possible using GraphQL? I can't find a queryRoot that relates to themes or assets.


Many thanks



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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @clucs123,


I took a quick look as well and I don't believe themes or assets are accessible via API currently.  Is there something you are trying to accomplish that can't be done through REST so you were looking at GraphQL? Or just converting in general.

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Hi Ryan


I'm just trying to use graphql whenever possible and couldn't find themes or assets anywhere in the schema.


I using the REST API now for the themes GET so it's not a problem.


Thanks for taking a look.



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Hi! is there a way to access assets/themes using GraphQL?



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Hi -

Looks like this thread is quiet, but is just what I'm looking for.

The /themes.json endpoint from REST API returns a graphQL id:

            "id": 123456789,
            "name": "Theme 4 Old",
            "created_at": "2019-08-02T11:41:13-04:00",
            "updated_at": "2020-03-23T14:54:10-04:00",
            "role": "unpublished",
            "theme_store_id": null,
            "previewable": true,
            "processing": false,
            "admin_graphql_api_id": "gid://shopify/Theme/123456789"


I find it odd that this isn't actionable in GraphQL at all. Is this just default behavior for all REST endpoints, and preparation for the future?