Third Party Fulfillment and Physical Inventory

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I use a third party fulfillment service for my webstore. I also stock the same products at my physical location. The third party service currently controls the inventory and fulfillment for the products. If I add "locations" can I add a physical location to the third-party controlled items? Will I be able to choose from where it is fulfilled? Will the third party have any issues?


I have been switching the control of the items I have on-hand to Shopify-controlled in the past. It has allowed me to have my physical inventory and the ability to fulfill the order. This is ok if only one item is ordered. I can switch back to third-party controlled when I sell out. This was ok when I had 50 items and if I remembered.  Now I have over 3000 and I can no longer use this "workaround". Also, I have issues when multiple items are ordered.


I contacted Shopify support. They gave vague answers like "it should work" and "i believe you will be ok". I read instructions and watched the video and it says "don't worry your third party will be moved to the bottom" but again I am not exactly sure what that means. I would prefer to hear from actual people that can say "it works for me" or "you are SOL". Everything I have found on the forums says it will never work but the posts are pre-locations or at the launch of locations. 


Thanks for your time in advance