To distribute orders to different ERP/Fulfillment tools

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Hi, we are leveraging a SAAS based ERP software. However, we don't want to let the ERP software to sync and get all the orders into their system as we want to handle some of the orders directly inside Shopify by our own staff. The ERP software will sync all orders and will not update status even we fulfill an order on Shopify directly. So we could end up fulfilling the order again in the ERP software (sometimes automatically).


To avoid this, I am wondering if it is possible to develop an app so we can manually allow what orders the ERP software can sync up with. I guess what I am asking is, is there any way we can limit what orders the ERP software can sync up with?


Thanks in advance.

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You can tag the orders you want your ERP to consider with a special tag, so they can filter the rest when pulling the orders from Shopify.

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