Total inventory per product?

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I know it's possible to create a fulfillment/inventory service and utilize the `fetch_stock` endpoint to essentially do whatever kind of inventory calculations desired (e.g. 300 total for a product, across all variants) however using this method there is a strong chance of overselling, as Shopify hits the `fetch_stock` endpoint only once per hour. 


The only way I've found that kind of works - but it is a hack - is to toggle the `inventoryManagement` property on the variant to `SHOPIFY` and back to `FULFILLMENT_SERVICE` in back-to-back requests.


Is there a better way to kindly ask Shopify to hit the `fetch_stock` endpoint, e.g. after an order is placed?


I also found this app: which seems to take a different approach - I'm not 100% sure - I think they are using Shopify inventory and manually adjusting inventory levels via the API (e.g. after an order is placed)