UI and API response for order numbers are offset.

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I am currently working on an app that focuses mainly on fetching orders through the API Orders endpoint. Upon doing so and checking the data against what the UI shows me for the same store, I have noticed that the UI and the API response is giving me two different order numbers for the same order. For example, the order in the UI would give me 54435 while the API response would give me 53435 (offset by 1000). This is troublesome as we don't know for sure if this can be reproduced on other stores, if it happens on all stores or if it's an exclusive bug for the store I'm testing it on. The order number is especially important to us as we fetch orders from a different API than Shopify based on it and we can't exactly have different configurations for different stores when and if this hits the public app store.

I have attached below one such example of the offset.