USPS and UPS - Shopify Shipping Rates Access / Workaround?

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Hey Friends! Does anyone have a workaround for the below conversation? 


Full chat transcript below. All timestamps in UTC timezone.

21:48 William Schumacher: Attempting to get my USPS account number so that i can get my shopify rates but use a separate fulfillment software?

21:54 James B: Hi William, let me just double check with someone about this to make sure it is possible. Just bare with me.

21:55 William Schumacher: sounds good

21:56 James B: just waiting on a reply from our shipping team.

21:57 William Schumacher: great

21:59 James B: I have just talked to our shipping team and we are unfortunately unable to share that info because of security reasons.

21:59 William Schumacher: oh noooooooo

21:59 William Schumacher: this is bad

22:00 James B: I know it isn't ideal, that is their policy though.

22:01 William Schumacher: hmmmm can an outside app "tell" the shopify system to fulfill orders using our shopify fulfillment rates

22:01 William Schumacher: basically, build an interface that works exactly like the Shopify fulfillment interface but more robust minus it knowing the account number

22:03 James B: Yeah I know what you mean. However, I wouldn't know if that is possible. You could possibly ask this question in the Shopify Community forums or ask an expert.

22:03 William Schumacher: another question would be, is it possible to read the shopify shipping rates withing the API?

22:04 James B: I wouldn't think so, they will keep everything pretty secure I would imagine.

22:04 William Schumacher: ugh

22:05 James B: I would check out the Shopify Community if I was you, you might be able to find a work around. Or ask your question and see if a dev has a solution.

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Hey @LoaferAndChief , 


This won't be possible - there is no way to get your account number to get Shopify's negotiated rates through a third-party.


Normally I try to provide a longer answer or some sort of alternative, but unfortunately in this case there is just no way that this can be accomplished.

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Well thank you for the clear answer!