Unable to create smart collection, get a html page back instead

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Hi, I keep getting an html page back with a status 200 when trying to add a smart collection via the api. What am i doing wrong? The Admin API permission I have set are "Product listings", "Products", read and write.

sending a POST request to .... /admin/api/2020-10/smart_collections.json

With JSON:


"smart_collections": {
"title": "Test",
"rules": [
"column": "type",
"relation": "equals",
"condition": "Test"



I get this html page back (been trimmed down):




    <script type="text/javascript" defer>
        window.location = "https:\/\/accounts.shopify.com\/oauth\/authorize?......



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This is an accepted solution.

If you are using Postman or a similar tool for your API request, then you need to disable sending any client-side cookies. This is a known quirk that I always forget about from time to time...