Unable to track revenue conversion properly

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I released an app on Shopify app store and some of our customers, have been asking for a feature request constantly, to show the revenue generated by our app in their store. To tackle this problem we looked thing up on the internet and came across the following article (https://help.shopify.com/manual/orders/status-tracking/add-conversion-tracking-to-thank-you-page)

and we have implemented the image tag idea discussed on the blog. So our sample code for conversion tracking looks as follows

<img src="https://cdn.artifacia.com/abc?order_id={{ order_id }}&amp;store_host=some-store-name.myshopify.com" height="1" width="1"/>
[NOTE:- the API endpoint and the store name are placeholders]

So with this integrations, for a couple of days, we receive the request from the checkout page and we are able to track the orders, but after some time we are just not able to get any new request from the merchant's checkout page, or if we receive some request then they contain an order_id which is already present in our database, so no new order_ids. Can you help me in understand what am I doing wrong or if I am missing something, please let me know?


Thanks in advance.

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Hey Vivek, 

With regards to the script seeming to fire more than once and causing you to see the same order_ids repeatedly, I'd recommend having a look at this documentation to make sure the script only fires on somebody's first page view. 

About the script not firing whatsoever though, I'd suggest reaching out to our technical support team if you're able to replicate the behaviour.