Unauthorized access for sellingPlanGroupCreate mutation API (already was given Beta access)

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Hi everyone,

It's been some time since I built anything on Shopify, but found myself helping some friends out on this one, so hopefully someone here can help me out on this.

I was granted access to the new Subscription API a few months ago and finally had the time to play around with it on the designated app and store (access to the Beta API is given access to 1 specific store and 1 specific app when applying). 

I'm following the tutorial here: https://shopify.dev/tutorials/create-manage-selling-plans

Basically, this is one of the first steps in creating the subscription plans (SellingPlanGroup endpoint via GraphQL).

I tried sending a mutation query, but the response was that my app was unauthorized to make such a request with the error: SellingPlanGroupCreate access denied

The required scope for this API is read_customer_payment_methods, read_own_subscription_contracts, and write_own_subscription_contracts. 

I double checked (using another API endpoint) and verified that I already added these access scopes and that the store had given the app this.

I'm wondering if either (1) I'm missing something obvious here, or (2) there are other access scopes that I need to add that wasn't mentioned in the tutorial, or (3) my designated store/app weren't provided full beta access.

I have already reached out to Shopify support, but totally forgot these forums exist , so posting it here in case anyone else ran into this already and could help.


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Just wanted to float this to the top here.

For those who are testing out the Subscription API (beta), what are the access scopes you're using for the app?

Just want to make sure I'm using all the correct ones.


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This is an accepted solution.

Solved it!

The tutorial for creating a selling plan group is here: https://shopify.dev/tutorials/create-manage-selling-plans

Currently, the Scopes required are quoted as such right now (which they'll probably update?):

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 9.50.18 AM.png

It was missing the write_products scope to work. The GraphQL API docs have it written there: https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/graphql/reference/products-and-collections/sellingplangroupcreate

Hope this helps anyone who stumbled on this step.

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Hi there!

Now that the new APIs are out we're trying them out and also hit the problems in this post. We're trying to authenticate our development store with our app requesting the scopes listed in the tutorial and mentioned here. However, we're getting this error upon Oauth connection: Oauth error missing_shopify_permission: write_own_subscription_contracts, read_own_subscription_contracts


Almost as if these scopes don't exist in the API?