Unclear API documentation on Creating Fulfillments

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Hi Guys,

We own an app that handles the creation of Fulfillments in the shopping cart once the sales order has been fulfilled on our shipping platform.

The introduction of mutli-location inventory tracking has caused a number of problems for us due to unclear documentation on the following:

  • What if the merchant does not have mutli-location fulfillment enabled? Are fulfillment services still required to specify the location ID or would your API fallback to the default fulfillment location?
  • Additionally, how does your API handle a situation where the merchant does not have multi-location specified but we specify a different location other than their shipping origin location in the API call?

    e.g. Merchant ships from Location A (location_id = 1001) but also has another location B (location_id = 1002). Merchant has not enabled mutli-location fulfillment. Fulfillment Service creates fulfillment and specifies location_id = 1002 in the API call. What is the expected behaviour of the API?
  • When the update to the API was made to allow merchants to set mutli-location fulfilment, we found for some merchants that migrated to use mutli-locations, the "Locations" setting wasn't available in the settings unless you manually entered in the URL: "https://domain.myshopify.com/admin/settings/locations".
  • Likewise, for these merchants, they are not able to see the option to "Edit Locations" via UI for their products (screenshot attached)

Edit 13 August 2018:

Additionally, the docs state:

When creating a fulfillment, you will need to specify a location_id indicating the location from which you're fulfilling the order. If you want to fulfill line items at different locations, then create a separate fulfillment for each line item belonging to a different location.

However the documentation doesn't specify in what situations an order would be created where multiple fulfillments (which have a separate fulfillment location) would need to be created.

If I subscribe to the orders paid webhook, and the order contains a product that has stock sourced from 2 locations, how is this represented in the JSON body?

I.e. is the location_id split across each line item in the order body?

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Screenshot attached above.