Understanding Fulfillment requests & completion

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I am following the guide found here. It states that:


If an order is placed and contains a line item that hasfulfillment_service set to your fulfillment service, then Shopify automatically creates a fulfillment and sets thefulfillment_statusto "pending" until your fulfillment service completes it.

I am not seeing this in my instance of Shopify. I created a new fulfillment service and, when setting a new order as paid, I still have to manually click a button to "request fulfillment".


Also the same section quotes


If the fulfillment isn't initiated from the Shopify admin, then your fulfillment service will need to create the fulfillment.

Should I subscribe to the "order payment" webhook and then create a fulfillment object whenever this webhook is triggered? 

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Fulfillment Services are expected to create and listen to fulfillments/create webhooks as-per the documentation:


In order to be notified about new fulfillments you should subscribe your application to thefulfillments/createwebhook. This webhook fires every time an order is marked "fulfilled", and the data is sent to a URL that you registered and stored in JSON format. You can read more about webhooks here. After receiving and processing the webhook your service should make a request to "complete" the fulfillment. You can also update the fulfillment via the API with other information like tracking_numbers rather than waiting for Shopify to ask for them.

Whether or not you have to manually request fulfillment from within the admin depends on the shop's settings, specifically under /settings/checkout in the Order processing section where you can choose whether or not to automatically fulfill an order's line items when it is paid.


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So, if I read this correctly the fulfillmentService does not fulfill? It is only created to handle fulfilled orders? 


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