Understanding the financial_status and its flow

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I am trying to understand the different values for the financial_status (e.g., authorized, pending, paid, partially paid etc).

Is there a sequence of events that take place? The only flow I've managed to find any information about is usually the status would go from authorized to paid for a credit card payment. 

However, I'm unclear how the other values could be set, and what the relationship is to the processing method?

I am trying to figure out some business rules but without understanding how to the two work, I'm finding this difficult.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey @Jjj123 ,


Financial status of "pending" refers to any order that does not have any 'transaction' property associated to it (e.g. the order was not paid for at all, no money was captured). This would typically be for an order that was directly made through the Admin API without any credit card transaction being made. Any order that comes from the Online Store and paid by credit card would not have this status.


Financial status of "authorized" means that the  authorization process first checked that the credit card is valid, and then that the card has enough funds on it for the transaction


Financial status of "paid" means that the transaction was captured and full payment of the order was received. If automatic capture is set-up on your store, the order will go from status of "authorized" to "paid" in a manner of moments


Financial status of "partially_paid" means to only a partial amount of the order was captured. This can happen if you have manual capture set-up on your store instead of automatic (https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/get-paid), or if you are using Shopify POS and choose to accept partial payment. 


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