Updating customer marketing preferrences on Merchant Store

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Hoping someone can provide some clarity on this.


Our app sends transactional mails, not marketing mails.


If we implement the new Shopify ToU, we believe we are supposed to send an update to the merchant whenever a customer is unsubscribed from receiving our transactional emails.


And also assume that we are supposed to unsubscribe the customer in our app from all emails, even though they may wish to get transactional emails and not marketing emails.


Is our understanding above correct, and if so, wouldn't it be better to distinguish between marketing and transactional emails for the merchants as there must be other apps out there that use transactional emails...like order confirmations, delivery confirmation etc.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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If the emails you send wouldn't be classified as marketing material as the field refers to in the documentation, then you don't need to update the accepts_marketing field on the customer if you're continuing to send transactional emails.