Uploading images to the Shopify Store - is this flow correct?

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I am looking to upload images from our internal app to the Shopify store.. Just wanted to verify if I am doing this the right way. 

On our internal app - we can add new images to a product, delete images from a product and also re-order the image positions. 

Once we make changes on our internal app, we sync with Shopify using GraphQL to save our changes to the store. 

Just wanted to check if this flow is correct - or if it can be optimised. 

1. We use the productCreateMedia mutation to add new images to the product. This allows us to add images - but without specifying the position of the images.

2. We then call the productDeleteImages to delete images if any. 

3. We then call the productReorderImages to reorder the images in the right order.

I wanted to check if there was an easier way of doing this? Is there someway I could club 1 and 3 into one GraphQL Call?