Usage Charge creation for store with non USD currency

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We have a Shopify live app and for the subscribers we are charging 1% of the order based on some criteria as the Usage charge. If the shop is having a non-USD currency how it works?

Currently, irrespective of the currency we are just calculating 1% of the order total price (which is non USD) and creating a usage charge with that value. Do we need to convert to USD or Shopify already do this?

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Usage charge is always applied in USD. So if you are charging 1% commission, you need to convert the commission into USD before you apply the charge.

One technique that's useful and very accurate is to draw the USD rate from each order. Each order would have a subtotal equivalent in USD, no matter what currency the store uses. Use that to figure out the USD on that order and use that to compute your commission on the order.

Hope this helps, all the best.