Usage charges are being rejected by the API - how do we update terms?

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We need to charge additional charges and set the capped_amount and terms of some of the installations. We figured out how to update the capped_amount via the following call:




My question are this:

  • If we make that call, is that call above considered enough for the “capped_amount” requirement?
  • How do we update terms if it’s required? I didn’t see that in the documentation and tried/failed calling: /admin/api/2019-04/recurring_application_charges/{ID}/customize.json?recurring_application_charge[terms]=new
    I see how to set this on new recurring charges, but not existing ones
  • According to the documentation there is supposed to be some field update_capped_amount_url that is returned, but it wasn’t. Is that because we had never set the capped_amount before?
  • If we correctly update the capped_amount and terms, do we just do the normal charge like we’ve been attempting to do?




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Hi @Scott_Swoboda1,


Once you've made the PUT request to update the capped amount, you would want to redirect the merchant to the returned update_capped_amount_url in order for them to accept or decline the new capped amount. If you need to update the terms, you would need to create a new charge.


As you guessed, charges without any terms of capped_amount cannot have their capped_amount updated.


Let me know if there are any lingering questions.


Take care!