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Hey all,

I have a recurring + usage charges setup for my app. Each new user gets 14-day free trial. During that period I can send usage charges, they are accepted by shopify api. Will my users pay for all of them and a trial is only about a recurring charge? Or all usage charges during a trial will not appear in users invoices?


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any info about this?  if you create usage charges during free trial, are merchants responsible for them?

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UIAvenue Technology Inc:  
So when i make this update to the app to give the users a 2 month free trial, it will still continue to create usage charges for the user during that free trial period.


UIAvenue Technology Inc:  
My question is are those usage charges ignored during the 2 month free trial, or do I have to calculate the trial period and decide whether to issue usage charges on my own?


Joanna G:  
I'm not 100% sure with that application

Joanna G:  
But since there is a 2 month free trial

Joanna G:  
The usage wont charge during the trial period


UIAvenue Technology Inc:  
If I understand, as long as they are in a trial period, there can't be any additional charges such as Usage Charges?


Joanna G:  



It appears the additional usage charges will not be charged as long as the recurring application charge is in trial phase.

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