UsageCharge and MonthlyCharge showing twice in store invoice

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We believe the way the app charges were changed recently, as they now show 2 charges in merchant's invoice, if you're using the UsageCharge. For example, this merchant claims our Ultimate Upsell app charged him twice, based on a misleading way of displaying the charge (see attached, 1.png).


We're not alone having this issue, if you watch closely, Order Printer app is also using the UsageCharge and having the same issue. 


Our side, we did only 1 usageCharge per month (see attached, 2.png). 



I cannot tell if the merchant actually paid double fee, if so then the money was collected by Shopify and not sent to us...

This is causing a huge lack of trust and many uninstalls. 

It should be a simple fix for Shopify, I believe either group the charges under the main app
Or display them after a separator like Detailed costs:

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Comment from the merchant
12:27 PM ( just now )
Thank you for your quick response.You may be right however and as you said "it's very misleading".
In the past it was only one time 15$ now it comes 2 times 15€.
Can you please then check with Shopify.

Right now, it seems like it is designed to show the charge per type of charges, rather than per app.
For example, all ReccuringCharges are grouped together, and below there are the UsageCharge. 
Grouping the charges per app would fix it. For example:

Automatic Discount app
Monthly charge 0$
Usage charge $15
Total charge $15