UsageCharges and Free Trials

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My app

  • Sets up usage charges as well as a application subscription charge.
  • We have set a capped_amount of $200 on install.
  • We have been offering quite a long free trial (three months). 
    • We want the usage charges to be applicable immediately and
    • For the capped_limit to reset monthly (as the documentation states it should)

What I've noticed is that the capped_limit is not resetting. We have usage charge failures happening and I'm wondering if this is somehow related to our trial period. Also, when I look at the usage charges that have been applied, the "billing_on" date aligns with the end of the trial period. This is strange because I'm quite sure that we are receiving payouts for usage charges for some of these already, irrespective of the billing_on date being in the future.

Can anyone shed any light on this?