Use API to get all possible values of order.transaction.gateway

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Is there anyway to get all the gateway names for a shop via the API?

I need to get the gateway names as they occur on order.transaction.gateway.

Currently I discover the gateway names as I receive transaction updates via webhooks, but I would like to get an overview, as my app needs to configure settings for each possible gateway.




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Hey Louise! 

Currently there's no API endpoint that can be hit to simply list out all of the gateways on a shop, the way that you're fetching the names now with webhooks is likely your best bet. 

Otherwise you could also fetch all order transactions from a shop via the API and get a list of them that way. But there's always the potential that any gateways that haven't been used for a purchase yet wouldn't end up being accounted for. 

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I would also like to see this option. My use case is to be able to tell if a refund is possible for all payment gateways used by the store or just some of them. For example, I can send refunds on PayPal transactions, but not on "Cash on Delivery (COD)". I have a rebate app that will need to have different setup options depending on which gateways the store uses. 

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