Use ShopifyQL datapoints in REST backend (without Embedded App SDK, Bridge, etc.)

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I'm looking into creating a website that splits out Shopify's reports automatically for download to eliminate the manual labor of having to download them and separate them and send them to hundreds of people. I'm primarily interested in accessing the data points that are available in Shopify admin's "Reports" section or, in other words, the data points accessed by ShopifyQL (product_vendor, gross_sales, net_sales, taxes, etc.). However, it appears that the only options I have to use ShopifyQL is in the Report API (which just creates reports in the admin and doesn't give me access to the actual data contained in the reports) and by using Embedded App SDK, Bridge, etc. 

I'm pretty perplexed by this decision on Shopify's part to require the EASDK, but regardless, I'm looking for a way to use those ShopifyQL aggregate data points with a RESTful web backend. Or at least how to map raw data from something like the Order API to their ShopifyQL aggregate data point counterparts (This option probably requires a ton of bulk data wrangling and storage, which honestly seems like a way less secure option than just exposing ShopifyQL).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a same confusion. how we get report data using REST Api?