Using Storefront API from server apps (problem with rate limits)

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we create native mobile apps so merchants can sell their products via Android and iOS applications.

Because we support many different platforms (e.g. WooCommerce, Magento) and to keep things simple on the frontend, we use our own servers as middleware between native mobile apps and APIs from these platforms.
When integrating our apps with Shopify we encountered a problem because of the Storefront API rate limits. Based on the documentation it seems like Storefront API is meant to be called directly from the client side.

Is there a workaround for this issue? Is there a way we could call Shopify's Storefront API from our servers without being throttled because of Storefront API's rate limits?

I was testing how many requests can Storefront API handle and never got 200 Throttled error returned as described in the documentation.
I could successfuly make 3000-4000 requests within a few seconds which is above the limit. When making more requests than that I started getting Connection Reset errors.

I was also trying to make requests with X-Forwarded-For header as described in this post and got about the same results.

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