Using @shopify/app-bridge 2.0 with @shopify/polaris 4.9.1

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My team is currently using @Shopify/polaris 4.9.1 which has the @Shopify/app-bridge 1.20.1 installed along with the package. (1)
We got an email from Shopify saying that it's essential for us to upgrade our @Shopify/app-bridge version to 2.0 before January 1st, 2022
So i did some research: 

  • According to the Shopify developers document, the @Shopify/app-bridge does come as an individual package. (2)
  • I found @shopify/app-bridge-react and want to use it instead of @shopify/app-bridge. Its last version is 1.3.0.
    In the Shopify App Bridge/React Components/Using App Bridge React, there is a statement saying:

    App Bridge React is fully compatible with Polaris (3)

Therefore, I have some question:

  • According to (1), does this behavior mean that @Shopify/polaris is dependent on @Shopify/app-bridge and they both need to be installed suitable versions in order to work probably.
  • According to (2), does these facts mean that I can install a different version (2.0) of @Shopify/app-bridge  and my @Shopify/polaris 4.9.1 will still work probably?
  • According to (3), does switching to this package resolves the problem we have been alerted in the Shopify email? 

Thank for reading my question. Wish you all a great working day.