Using the Blog functionality as a Forum or Message Board for store Customers

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I want to use the blog functionality as a Forum or Message Board for users who have created accounts on my site (customer accounts).

The comments section is easily gated so that users need to login with their account before being able to comment (accomplished via Theme coding), however, the ability to create an Article can only be accomplished through the use of the Online Store > Articles API.

My question is how I could go about accomplishing this?

Would I be able to simply create a form, similar to the Create Blog post form within the Shopify Admin on a Page within my Theme using HTML/Liquid, parse that form data to JSON and POST it with the Fetch API to the Online Store > Articles API?

I believe this method would mean exposing my API Key and Password on the Theme so that this could be done?

The Store Content permissions covers articles, blogs, comments, pages and redirects. Can I limit the permissions via Theme code to just articles?

What is the harm in doing this if there are API limitations in place to prevent abuse?

Would I need to create a separate Server/App and POST the form data to that App, which would then authenticate with the Shopify Admin API, POST the form data, receive a response and subsequently refresh the page to see the newly create Blog post/Article?

I'm trying to find the simplest solution that requires the least moving parts without the need for installing a paid app. I understand I could simply embed free forum/message board on my site but that would require my customers/users to create yet another account for that embedded application which I want to avoid.

Any guidance is appreciated