VIew product matrixnumber in admin-mode? (linking images to product with common names)

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I´m using Microsoft Dynamics RMS with RMSIFY integration to Shopify. My products have different variants with colors and sizes. As most of the products is available in different sizes they are made in a matrix which let me have a correct inventory of sizes in stock. But this makes the SKU of every size , which is available, to only be unique and doesn´t say anything about the model or size. 

What i´m looking for is a solution where i can recognize the product model number and color  number (matrixnumber) so i can upload correct product image, as the name of the products not always is unique. 


Thank you very much for your support!

B.R Ted

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Have you tried contacting the developers of RMSIFY to see if they can improve their product and help you with the integration on your shop?

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Hi Phillip or Ted,

It sounds like you may need some Product Information Management (PIM) capabilities with your integration from RMS to Shopify. We help clients like you with integrations between those two systems, in addition to our new PIM app which helps map product data.

Our PIM App uses a four-step process to gather, organize, enrich, and publish your data through various seasons, sales/promotions, growth, or any other catalyst for change.

  • Improve product data quality across all sales channels
  • Accelerate product to market from weeks to days
  • Boost SEO rankings with higher quality product data
  • Organize items into collections for easy navigation and search
  • Reduce cost and time spent on manual data management
  • Automate supplier catalog imports to easily expand your product assortment

You can learn more about our integration solution at:

Hope we hear from you.


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