Validation of external app

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Dear team,

As developer of an external app (ERP Software), we desire to integrate you as peripheral website manager through your API. In this way, several cases can happen, by example 1 common customer would like to get 1 ERP (ours) and inject to 1toN websites managed by Shopify. Some products can be in 1 or several of these websites.

As per your request for the validation 34344, it is impossible and also illogic to request a direct Oauth while my own customers are connecting to my platform:

1) They don't only work for online sales but also can only connect to our integrated project manager, shop sales, aftersales, mailing system etc without even interacting with Shopify.

2) The manager can have the access to the Shopify but won't give it to employees, even though they have to interact with the Shopify data (separation of the login side and the running side)

3) The connection is 1-N, which means several Oauth vs 1 internal auth.

In this case, as we'll manage several customers, thus it's not just a 1-shot/private app, can you please review this case and contact our team back in order to solve this administrative problem?