Variant Not Found, while fulfilling an orderline.

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I am developer at We have a scenario here.

- A product don't have any variant as of now.
- A customer place order for this product (i.e, order was placed on default variant of product).
- Now before fulfilling the order, I have added 5 variants to product, now default variant is deleted.
- How will I fulfil order now via api, Because there is no variant which belongs to variant id I had received in order. This is because variant id is of default variant which doesn't exists anymore.
- So if I don't have default variant, So how will I get locationId for default variant? If I am not able to get locationId, I will not be able to fulfil this order-line via shopify api.

How you are managing fulfilment if product/variant is deleted, because via shopify API it does not seems to be a feasible case?

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Just googled and I saw this post =>

Maybe it's what you are looking for.