We can't find an option to cancel fulfillment ( we used a fulfillment service )

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Hello All!
We are having an issue with our fulfilment service ( connected by a private app )
If we need to cancel an order, we don't see any option for it on the order page



When we ask our fulfilment service they say that from their side is cancelled, but from our side, we can't do anything, the refound option doesn't work as well. 

What I suspect is that the fulfilment API is missing something, and this is why we don't see any option.
I checked the documentation of Shopify and I found this 

So I guess that Shopify provide that function, but I'm not an expert on API/Fulfillment so I would like to ask you if someone know about that and if is normal that we don't have any option to cancel the fulfilment ( a screenshot about how it should display will be amazing ) 

Many thanks to all!

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Hey @MarcoMatty 

Thanks for raising this! So, on first look - it seems something is not right. The fulfillment is never usually left 'in progress'. Fulfillment Service creates fulfillment for the Order's items - this means order is in progress our side.

I've known from a couple of instances the past that the state staying "in progress" can occur if the third party calling Shopify call fails, or doesn't occur at all.  

Did you have any instances of this happening from the past 14 days?  Feel free to send them to me via DM and I can check the logs to see what's happening. 

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