Webhook Failure

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Dear Shopify Devs


Issue with the following webhook In production:

Create Order:


Belonging to topdranken.shop

Tried to define both on a private web app and as a webhook on the notification page of the store.

I do not receive any messages on my production enviroment when i trigger the event 'order created'


I can reproduce the messages in postman with success so the url works just fine. I can also call the shopify api from this domain in the other direction.

Everything works fine in my test enviroment. Note: ngrok is used to get a correct ssl signing there.


My ssl certificate looks in order on the production server. But i receive no messages (why it makes me suspicious about correct configuration of my ssl..)


I would like to provide a trace but i don't have any... Is there a way i can atleast check the response messages when the webhook is called?

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This is an accepted solution.

In the meantime i found the issue of my problem.

Ill add the solution for future reference/

I incorrectly configured my SSL certificate in the production environment.

The ssl chain was incomplete. Chrome/Firefox/Edge don't complain about this but this probably caused Shopify to halt the sending of the message after the ssl negotiation.

Reconfiguring with the correct certificate did the trick and the webhook works correctly now.


Thank you to the guys at pythonanywhere to help me find the solution.

Shopify I would recommend giving access to the logs on webhooks in case of failure. Then i would have gotten there on my own.


wish you all the best