Webhook Parameters always null

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we have problems getting some Parameters filled in the json returned by a webhook (order creation webhook)

Following szenario: 

We have an affiliate System.  

Visitor A is sent to the shop By Affilita A  with a special link  (the link is created by our shortener). Now if Visitor A is ordering, we need the referring URL (so the shortener url)  OR the ?ref=xyz parameter.   (The Shortener redirects to  ourshopifyshop.com/product/?ref=xyz).  (So far we dont even get this information from the webhook)

Now 2 hours later  Visitor A (the same person as before) is sent to the shop by Affiliate B  and orders something new ..  now we need of course again the referring URL  OR the NEW ?ref=zyx parameter.


As i got explained from the customer service, the ref parameter will be the same  until the visitor cleans his cookies ..  but thats not really what a normal person is doing.. so ..

how can i solve this problem?  The best way would be to geht the referring url .. so i can filter my params out..


Thank you very much for help