Webhook event not received by ActiveJob in Rails Developement Environement

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Hello, first all of forgive my noobiness as I'm just learning coding...


I created a shopify app with the shopify_app gem 8.4.0 and generated a 'products/update' webhook. 


Per shopify recommendation (https://help.shopify.com/en/api/getting-started/webhooks) and for test purposes I use beeceptor service to set my webhook end point with the following generator:


rails g shopify_app:add_webhook -t products/update -a https://myendpoint.free.beeceptor.com/webhooks/products_update

Resulting with the following line in my initializer/shopify_app.rb:



  config.webhooks = [
    {topic: 'products/update', address: 'https://myendpoint.free.beeceptor.com/webhooks/product_update', format: 'json'},

The webhook is properly installed and when I update a product title I can see the POST request body with the modified product hash in the beeceptor console with a 200 response.



My active job has been created by the generator:



class ProductUpdateJob < ActiveJob::Base def perform(shop_domain:, webhook:) shop = Shop.find_by(shopify_domain: shop_domain) shop.with_shopify_session do p "New product update received" end end end

Here I just wanted to see a message in the console to confirm that the app was seeing the webhook event.


While I can see the job active in the console, I never get any message when I update a product.

I'm using codeanywhere.com and I'm running the server in the developement enviroment, listening to tcp://


To summarize:

1) I'm able to create the webhook with a demo store

2) The webhook fires as soon as I update a product and the request body is visible in beeceptor console

3) The activejob doesn't seem to get the event.

I have a feeling this is link to my development environment not allowing to listen to the beecepto endpoint.

Can anyone help me with my situation?


PS: I also tried to setup the webhook endpoint via ngrok and everytime I update a product I get a 502 error in the ngrok console.

Attached the server log


Please HELP...

Thank you!