Webhook latency due to queueing in busy time

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we were looking forward to integrate our shop with a vending machine that opens upon payment.

Our objective is to minimize time between payment and open vending machine.

To do so, we created a webhook.

Unfortunately, especially in busy times, latency occures which will confuse users.

Are there any ways to reduce delay optimizing the webhook or workarounds?





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Hello MoN1,

Am I correct in assuming you have a shop that links to a vending machine, as well as an app to consume and process the webhook? Which webhooks have you subscribed to? What kind of latency would be too much?

During busy times (such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday), we process many events, and do not give a priority to any particular webhook, so subscribing to any of them would give you the same delay. However, another option you may want to consider would be to poll the relevant API at an acceptable interval instead.